Corporate purposes
Providing innovative, quality products, programs and services, comprehensive help customers, enterprises and employees to achieve a successful experience.
Enterprise Location: do the industry overall development of enterprise groups.
Business Location: do a set of hardware and software development in the integration, technology and services lead the world's leading manufacturer.
Business principles: highly responsible to customers and employees, and seek common development of the road.

Our Mission
Become a technology leader in the field of industry, continued to pursue the maximization of customer satisfaction.
Maintain and develop the leading position in technology industry. Become the industry expert hose
With innovative high-tech technology to help citizens feel civilized life.

core value
Innovative customer-oriented overall concept of integrity initiative efficient pursuit of goals and Shangfafenming

Integrity -
Real life, work diligently and fundamental principle of all corporate and employee behavior.
Proper handling of personal responsibility and the opportunity to promote employee loyalty to the enterprise concept.
Treat customers, business partners should always adhere to the law, honest business operation of the Road, the pursuit of win-win results.
Treat superiors, colleagues and subordinates to be honest, never allow the use of means for competitors to take the deal with internal relations.

Innovation -
Promote open, the spirit of equality, respect and autonomy and stimulate the creativity of employees.
The pursuit of product and service innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, to produce high value-added products and services through innovation.
Customer-oriented -
Maximize meet the reasonable needs of customers.
Innovative service model, carefully creating "full service" brand.
Between internal departments, the relationship between customer relations staff, to support each other, warm service.

Global Concept -
Firmly opposed to selfishness and overweening ideology.
Enterprise is a paradise like-minded, unwilling and do not agree with the company's core values ​​can not stay with the company.
Establish a collaborative work of global concept, sincere cooperation and promote team spirit.
Not for their own interests encroach even damage the interests of others.
In the face of external challenges, team afraid of strong opponents, the courage to competition, the pursuit of excellence.

Initiative efficient -
Rapid response to user and market needs, quickly resolve problems.
Pursuit of concise, smooth workflow, clear time and responsible person.
Initiative to take responsibility, take the initiative to ask questions and solve problems, active communication and collaboration.